Building the Future

After a successful career in sport, Federico Mendez entered the  Argentinian business world where he has been just as effective -  identifying the provincial comparative advantages of Mendoza as a vehicle to realise national opportunities.


Newlands Developments was founded and has provided a wide array of services throughout Argentina. In recent years, there has been a focus on urban development, with the completion of a number of successful residential apartment buildings. With an international partner in the form of The Kaikoura Group, Newlands Development is now developing projects on a broader scale and has become a productive entity in the progression of a new era of Argentinian growth and development.

Current highlight projects the moment.

Based in Mendoza, operating across Argentina, Newlands Developments boasts a growing portfolio of projects. Here are two keeping them busy at the moment.

Newlands 3, Mendoza, Argentina

Chacras Park, Mendoza, Argentina

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