The Origin of
the Newlands Development

The Kaikoura Group

The real estate enterprise started in 2007, when Newlands Developments began to gain experience in the property industry with the construction of several buildings in residential areas.

Simultaneously, the emphasis of assisting in urban development through an ongoing analysis of societal shortfalls in the property industry was born. In this, Newlands Developments recognizes that the growing population of Argentina has inadequate urban development needed in order to facilitate the socio-economic functions of its people.

Newlands Developments now strives to aid in the transformation of localised areas experiencing significant volumes of urban growth, using an entrepreneurial mindset and development experience to deliver the necessary infrastructure required. In this regard, Newlands Developments' association with the Kaikoura Group is key, the international company drawing on a wide experience of urban development in different parts of the world.

Newlands Developments is one of the three primary companies of The Kaikoura Group, which has a base of operations in the UK (Kaikoura Investments) and South Africa (Kaikoura Capital (Pty) Ltd.

The Kaikoura Group began in 1996 with the property enterprise of Kaikoura Investments in the UK, focused on the rediscovering the potential of old, obsolete and redundant buildings.

During the year 2000, Richard Brake, Chairman of the company, relocated to South Africa and in 2003 teamed up with Chris Hyland and Chris Moore to create Kaikoura Capital (Pty) Ltd to focus on property development and investment as well as private equity investments. 


The two latter companies have traded successfully since then, sourcing and accumulating a diverse range of prime real estate opportunities in various countries throughout the world.


From the outset of Newlands Developments, the international partners within The Kaikoura Group, have played an integral role in aiding the company to achieve their development goals, providing a wealth of real estate experience and capital funds.

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